✨ One day you get lost in Solomon's Forest. This place is full of devils that threaten you and devils that will help you. Save your allies and fight together in the castle.

“Solomon's Forest” is local based collectible card game.

Demon Castles NFT

The Demon Castle has inherent geo information, and is a design rendered according to this geo information. You can check the location coordinates and Google Plus code in the metadata of each Demon Castle. Also, as Demon castles are NFT assets, they are tradable on internal or external marketplace. And those castles have the right to airdrop tokens.

Play to Earn

Solomon's Forest uses play-to-earn mechanics. It is built on the Solana blockchain to offer scalability, low fees for an optimal user experience and a low barrier to entry. Player can get LEAF as a reward for Combat & Solo scenario mode. LEAF can be exchanged for SEED, these two currencies can be used to purchase any item on the market. The Solomon's Forest Market will be the central hub for players to buy, sell, and trade NFT Castles, Devil Cards, Items.


SEED is a currency that connects in-game and out-game currency. Outside the game, it is connected to the exchange and can be exchanged for other currencies, and can be exchanged for LEAF within the game. Also, SEED is logically always worth 0.5 USDC or more.


LEAF is the currency used in the game. All asset transactions in the game are made through LEAF, and royalties for castle lords are also paid by LEAF. Initial issuance of LEAF will be airdropped to Castle NFT holders. After that, it will be issued and burned in proportion to the number of active users.

What is Web3?

What is web3 in game? The profits of the game should go to the contributors of the game ecosystem. The biggest contributors are game users. Ultimately, we want to create games that users can generate revenue for. That's the web3 we think of. If you agree with us, please upvote in soloana ecosystem.